Diffusion Imaging In Python - Documentation#

DIPY is the paragon 3D/4D+ imaging library in Python. Contains generic methods for spatial normalization, signal processing, machine learning, statistical analysis and visualization of medical images. Additionally, it contains specialized methods for computational anatomy including diffusion, perfusion and structural imaging.

DIPY is part of the NiPy ecosystem.


DIPY 1.9.0 is now available. New features include:

  • Numpy 2.0.0 support.

  • DeepN4 novel DL-based N4 Bias Correction method added.

  • Multiple Workflows added.

  • Large update of DIPY Horizon features.

  • Pytest for Cython files(*.pyx) added.

  • Large documentation update.

  • Support of Python 3.8 removed.

  • Closed 142 issues and merged 60 pull requests.

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